Nutritional Support for Your Dog

Optimal for your K-9, our Choice Wise Dog Chews provide maximum nutritional support for your dog. Renowned for its vitamin-rich core, and durable exterior, antler serves as a healthy, long-lasting chew. Varying in shape, size, cut, and grade, Choice Wise Dog Chews have been designed to meet your dog’s needs.



Choice Wise Hard Density Antler dog chews are the best for aggressive chewers due to their more dense exterior. Hard chews are our most dense variety, making them our most long-lasting chews, as they are more recently shed and therefore less weathered. Fresher antlers are more durable.


Choice Wise Medium Density Antler dog chews puncture more easily, and therefore pose less of a challenge to your dog. Medium density chews are ideal for less aggressive chewers, as well as any dog with degenerative gums. Medium density chews are also perfect for puppies since they are softer on their developing gums.


Choice Wise Soft Density Antler dog chews are our least dense antler chew. Soft density antlers have either endured more weathering or are of a previous season. Both aging and exposure to natural elements impact the antler chew, making it the least challenging chew for any dog. Our soft density antler chew is ideal for light chewers and a more suitable choice for senior dogs.

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