Choice Wise Antler Pet Products provides consignment options for any wholesale account. Choice Wise's Wholesale/Consignment policy offers three options:

1)   Standard Wholesale Policy - see Standard Wholesale page for more information

2)   30 Day Consignment Trial - Wholesaler has 30 days to sell consigned product. After the 30 day period has completed, any product not sold is to be returned to Choice Wise Antler Pet Products (wholesaler pays shipping) OR wholesaler may purchase remaining product. 
      Note: Choice Wise reserves the right to extend the trial period, at the discretion of Choice Wise management.
3)    Pandemic Relief Option - 60 Day Consignment Trial for any Choice Wise products with the same policy as the 30 Day trial.

Please call our Choice Wise Wholesale/Consignment Department at 831-246-3743 for further questions regarding prices and procedures surrounding consignment contracts.

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