1. Elk antlers are often more rough in texture, darker in color, thicker, heavier, and tend to be straighter than deer antler. Deer antlers are lighter in color, smoother, more dense, and will often have more 'point variation.'

2. Most dogs enjoy both types of antler equally; depending on the your dog’s chewing habits, we recommend you try both types of our Choice Wise antler to see if the texture or other variations cause him/her to prefer one over the other.

3. Of all the types of antlers that are shed, Elk antlers are the easiest on canine teeth.

4. The Choice Wise Burr is a great alternative to our Choice Wise Dog Chew. Your dogs will love them! The Choice Wise Burr is the bottom piece of the antler which attaches to the animal's skull before it is shed. Burrs offer your pets a fun, dynamic texture to chew, while most importantly providing them with a nutrient-rich, wide slice of marrow.

5. Our Choice Wise Corner Cuts reflect the care we share for your dogs, providing them with a unique chew that allows the less diligent, less avid chewer, immediate access to the premium nutrient-rich center that is hidden away in the antler.

6. Make sure your antler chew is large enough so that there is no possibility that your pet will swallow it prematurely. If you find that the antler chews that you have purchased are not large enough, or appear to pose any immediate or serious threat to your pet, you are encouraged to report your finding and concerns to our Choice Wise Customer Service Central phone line at 831-246-3743. The Choice Wise Safety Management Department will review your report and is qualified to offer Choice Wise customers a replacement product and full refund.

7. Supervise your dog the first few times while chewing. Be very careful giving hard chews (such as antlers) to especially aggressive chewers as it is possible they could break a tooth. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the chew in half with his/her back teeth.

8. Do not allow your dog to chew more than an inch of the antler per day.

9. Remove the antler from your dog if they are biting hard enough to break it.

10. Take the antler away from your pet once it gets worn down to a small enough size that your pet could swallow/ choke on it. This means it’s time to buy a new antler!

11. If your dogs fight over their antler chews, make sure to give them their antlers separate and apart from other dogs, especially alternate 'alphas'. If your dog likes the antler so much that he/she guards it from you, Choice Wise Trainers recommend you teach him/her to “drop” the antler on command.

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