Hard Density Jumbo Corner Cut
Hard Density Jumbo Corner Cut

Hard Density Jumbo Corner Cut

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Chew Size: Jumbo (5-9"/1-1.75" diameter)

Dog Size: 40-70 lbs.

Dog Size: 70-100 lbs. 

This amazing dog chew is packed full of yummy nutrients and is ideal for dogs that are 40-100 lbs.

Hard density antler chews can be terrific for aggressive chewers due to the more dense exterior. They are longer lasting than lower density chews due to the fact that they have been more recently shed and are therefore less weathered. Fresher antlers are more durable.

The Choice Wise Corner Cut provides any chewer with ultimate satisfaction. Its unique shape allows dogs to penetrate directly into the ‘marrow-heart’ of the chew from multiple, fun, fully-exposed regions of the antler treat.

NOTE: Please supervise your pet while using any consumable chew toy. Take the antler away from your pet once it gets worn down to a small enough size that your pet could swallow/choke on it. This means it’s time to buy a new antler!

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