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"We were looking for a new line of antlers to offer, something with a real substantial presence.  So many of the antlers that were available were priced too high for a size too small.  Choice Wise came along at just the right time.  They presented a product that was exactly what we needed.  We've been using only their antlers for almost a year now and have trouble keeping them on the shelf because they are so popular.  Our best selling antler is the jumbo split. The split is also one of the main reasons I brought Choice Wise into our store, as it was a unique and new offering I'd have for my customers.  Choice Wise has worked with us every step of the way, tailoring their supplies with our needs.  Their packaging is versatile as well, allowing it to be pegged or placed on the shelf, and the bright green backing makes it stand out for our customers to see.  They've been really great with us on pricing and filling orders rapidly.  As an independent retailer we are in tune with the community and the idea of local, and Choice Wise is a California company, that has been an added bonus for many of our customers.  I can't speak highly enough of the service and product we've gotten from the people at Choice Wise."


Thank you,


Trevor Frampton

General Manager

Western Farm Center


"Choice Wise Antlers has been a fabulous local company to work with. We always receive our orders accurately and within a week of placing. The product is very consistent and packaged for easy opening and storage. Our customers specifically love the selection of soft, medium and hard density antlers to best suit their dog."



Scotts Valley Feed

5470 Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley, CA 95066


"Felton Feed has been a customer of Choice Wise Antlers for 1 year.

We are a small animal feed & supply store located in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

Choice Wise antlers is perfect for the aggressive chewer and is the only line of Antlers we sell.

This product is always clean, well marketed and always in stock.

An added benefit, these folks are great to work with and very professional."


 Thank you

John & Valoree

Felton Feed & Pet Supply

 6221 Highway 9

Felton, CA 95018



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