Why Antlers?

In a nutshell, Antlers are:

  • Odor-Free -- Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture.
  • Splinter-Free -- Antler chews will neither splinter nor chip like bones do, nor will they break like artificial toys. Antlers are much less likely to chip or splinter when they are being chewed, pecked, or gnawed than processed bones.
  • Long-Lasting -- Antler is made of a unique blend of animal cartilage and bone tissue only generated by members of the deer family. The hard smooth surface and distinctive marrow core offer your pet a nutritious, long-lasting eco-friendly alternative to the common processed pet treat. Your pet's chewing action grinds the antler chew down slowly, so antler chews last longer than other types of pet chews.
  • Vitamin-Rich
  • Vet Recommended
  • 100% All-Natural- Choice Wise antlers are 100% natural and organic. No additives, artificial colorings, flavor enhancers, steroids, dyes, preservatives, GMO’s, plastics, or petrochemicals are added to our products.

A Natural Treat for Your Dog

Dogs love their bones. Unfortunately most processed bones or raw hides have very little nutritional value and don't last long. Coyotes, wolves, and rodents, along with other wild animals have been using discarded elk and deer antlers as chew toys for thousands of years. It's only recently that these all-natural antler chews have been introduced to domestic animals. 

Antler is composed of a unique blend of animal cartilage and bone tissue that is only generated by members of the deer family. The hard smooth surface and distinctive marrow core offer your pet a nutritious, long-lasting, eco-friendly alternative to the more common non-organic processed pet treats. Your pets will love them!

A More Nutritious Option

Choice Wise antlers are a premier source of nutrients, making them an excellent part of your pet’s regular health routine. We value your pet’s well-being and are pleased to provide you and your family with nutritious, long-lasting, and vitamin-rich treats that are great for your pet's bones, teeth, gums, coat, and overall health.

  1. Calcium in elk antlers for dogs helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. It also assists with blood clotting and the transportation of oxygen.
  2. Lipids: Essential fatty acids for skin, coat, brain health, growth, and development.
  3. Chondroitin Sulfate reduces cholesterol. It is also beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis as well as bone fractures.
  4. Collagen is an important structural protein in the body and is found in bones, tendons, cartilage and ligaments.
  5. Copper is required for the maintenance and development of red blood cells, bones, and nerves.
  6. Zinc keeps skin healthy, heals wounds and burns, and also supports the immune system.
  7. Glucosamine Sulfate acts to ease pain and inflammation. Additionally, it helps rebuild damaged cartilage.
  8. Iron works hard to transport oxygen within red blood cells.
  9. Keratin Sulfate helps to restore and repair cartilage.
  10. Magnesium works along with calcium to develop bones and assists in metabolic reactions.
  11. Potassium: Good for nerve and muscle function.
  12. Phosphorus: Benefits bones and teeth.

Hypoallergenic and All-Natural

Often, processed pet chews and treats contain artificial fillers and ingredients that are not a natural part of your pet's diet. Antlers are hypoallergenic and perfect for all dogs ranging from puppies to senior dogs, as well as dogs with dietary issues.

Antler does not splinter, chip like bones, or break like artificial pet toys when chewed, pecked, or gnawed.

Antler treats vary in shape, size, thickness, and density, allowing you to find the perfect antler treat for your pet.

Antlers are NOT a slaughterhouse by-product like some other “natural" pet treats. Choice Wise antlers originate from a natural and renewable source. Deer and Elk shed their antlers once a year as part of an ongoing cycle. All Choice Wise antlers are naturally shed. None of our antlers have been harvested or hunted.

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