Soft Toy Whole Antler Chew - 2 pack

Choice Wise Premium Antlers Chews

$ 8.99 


Recommended Dog Size: -10 lbs.

Designed to fit the small jaws of toy dogs, Choice Wise Toy and Toy Corner Cut are perfect for your little friend.

Soft Antler Chews will show more cracks than our Medium Chews because Soft antlers have either endured more weathering or are of a previous season. Both aging and exposure to the natural elements impact the antler's density.

NOTE: Please supervise your pet while using any consumable chew toy. Take the antler away from your pet once it gets worn down to a small enough size that your pet could swallow / choke on it. This means it's time to buy a new antler!

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Dog Size Chart / Density Analysis


    ¬† Hard¬† Choice Wise Hard Antler dog chews are the best for aggressive chewers. Hard chews are our most dense variety, making them our most long-lasting chews. Medium Choice Wise Medium Antler dog chews puncture more easily, and therefore pose... read more