Antler Bits - 8 Pack

Choice Wise Premium Antlers Chews

$ 6.99 

gerble Give your small pet a slice of antler pie! Choice Wise Antler Bits are cut in a manner so as to allow your little one to enjoy a full meal of vitamin rich bone marrow.Choice Wise Antler Bits are a durable and nutritious chew for your small furry friends. Rodents' teeth continue growing throughout their adult life. Because of this, it is very important to provide your small pets (such as Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice, and Rats) with something to gnaw on. Choice Wise Antler Bits have a strong exterior, and a vitamin-rich core. Your pets will enjoy trimming their teeth more than ever before.  8 per Package

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Dog Size Chart / Density Analysis


      Hard  Choice Wise Hard Antler dog chews are the best for aggressive chewers. Hard chews are our most dense variety, making them our most long-lasting chews. Medium Choice Wise Medium Antler dog chews puncture more easily, and therefore pose... read more