Greetings, Welcome to Choice Wise Antler Pet Products.

All Choice Wise antler pet products are naturally shed. This means our antlers are neither harvested nor hunted.

Each Choice Wise antler is individually inspected to ensure that your pets get only the best. Once inspected and cleaned, all Choice Wise antlers are sorted according to size and density. Each antler is then cut, sanded, and packaged.

We encourage those interested in our Choice Wise antler products to review the details of our Choice Wise Antler Density Analysis. This transparent categorization is uncommon among antler pet products. Most often the categories are neither disclosed nor discussed. We would like to let you know the benefits and challenges associated with the density of the antler your pet is enjoying.

Choice Wise antler pet products are 100% organic; containing zero additives, artificial colorings, flavor enhancers, steroids, dyes, preservatives, GMO’s, plastics, or petrochemicals.

Safety Standards:

Product of the USA

(AAFCO) Compliant 

The American Association of Feed Control Officials 





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